• United Nations Global Compact
  • Mrs. Sylvia Aguilar, Environment and Development Coordinator of CEGESTI and Mrs. Diana Leandro of Ministry of Environment and Energy representatives from Costa Rica in this event
  • www.ccacoalition.org
  • May, 2015
  • San Salvador, El Salvador, May 19-22, 2015
  • San José, Costa Rica, April 22. 2015

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Cegesti Cegesti

CEGESTI is leader in the design and implementation of innovative services that encourage sustainable development. In CEGESTI, we are committed to promoting sustainable competitiveness in the organizations and societies in which we take action.

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Important Projects

Cegesti Cegesti

Main projects and contributions recently carried out by CEGESTI in support of sustainable development in Central America, South America and the world. This support facilitated the achievement of concrete results in environmental, social and economic aspects, generating a positive effect on the inhabitants’ quality of life.

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    CEGESTI participates in initiative to reduce fuel consumption.
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    Empresas y derechos humanos

    Guía Práctica sobre Derechos Humanos
    y Empresas


    Recent article:

    "Experiencia del cumplimiento de los derechos humanos"
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    "INTE 35-01-01 Sistema de Gestión de Responsabilidad Social certificable"
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    Normalización y Negocios Responsables


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    - Criterios sociales en los procesos de contratación pública en Costa Rica

    - Fomento Trabajo Decente y Compras Públicas

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